'Spiritual Rhythm' Connect Group Series

'Spiritual Rhythm' Connect Group Series

WEEK 3 - Study Guide - Spiritual Rhythm
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For six weeks, we are joining together as a church to study the book 'Spiritual Rhythm' by Mark Buchanan. 

If you do not have a group and would like to participate in this Church Wide Connect Group series, you can do so through one of two ways

1) Current Members-Gather together with a group of 6-12 people you already know. Identify who will host each week and faciliate the group discussion. No teaching is necessary. All that is required is to follow the questions asked in the discussion guide. 

2) New Attenders- For those who don't know many people at Colwood Church, you can get into a group by going to www.connectcolwood.com and scrolling to the bottom. 

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