Next Steps

As disciples of Jesus, we are on a lifetime pursuit of being with Jesus, becoming like Jesus, and doing what Jesus did. This means that no matter what our age, or how long we have been following Jesus, we have not arrived and all have room to grow. Our desire as a church is to help you grow and take the next step in your faith journey. If you are unsure what your next step is, we would love to meet with you, hear your story, and discern a path forward together.


Once you have decided to follow Jesus, the next step is to get baptized in water! When you are baptized you make a public declaration to everyone of your decision to follow Jesus and to step into the new life that Jesus has given you.

People often wonder if they are ready to get baptized. If you believe Jesus is truly God and have made the decision to follow Him, you are ready for baptism. There is no need to wait for a certain period of time or until you have everything figured out before getting baptized. Baptism is not the symbol of maturity in faith, but the symbol of beginning of a life of following Jesus. If you’ve decided to follow Jesus and have not been baptized, we would love to baptize you in our next baptism service.

Colwood Classes

We are convinced that every follower of Jesus wants to grow in their faith and to use their gifts to make an impact for Jesus in their world. We want to come alongside you and equip you with the tools to grow in Christ and feel equipped for your God given purpose on the planet. We offer a variety of classes throughout the year to help you grow as you seek to follow Jesus and impact the world for His Kingdom.


Whether you are new to Colwood Church or have been a part of our community for years, we are excited you are considering membership! We believe everyone who calls Colwood Church their home has a voice and gifts to contribute to our church community. One of the best ways to use your voice and gifts can be found in becoming a member of Colwood Church. If you want to become a member, sign up online and then join us at our next membership class.


As a church community, we are reading through the Bible together in 2019. We know that one of the primary ways that we can grow in our faith is through engaging with what God has revealed to us through his Word. We would love for you to join with us and invite you to journey with us by either joining the reading plan through the Bible App by clicking on the link below, or you can download a hard copy for yourself and read along.

Child Dedications

We believe children are a blessing to our families, and our church. When a child joins a family in our church, whether by birth or adoption, parents are given the responsibility to love their child and raise them to know Jesus. We believe it is not only the commitment of the parent to invest in the life of the child, but also the responsibility of the church to help love and support the child and parents as the child grows up.

One of the ways we celebrate children is through child dedication in our weekend gatherings. We find the example of bringing children before God to dedicate them in scripture (1 Samuel 1:26-28; Luke 2:22-40). During a child dedication, the family will stand before the church body and will answer a few questions of commitment and then will be prayed over by church leadership. If you are considering having your child dedicated, we would encourage you to sign up below and invite your friends and family to be present for this special morning!